Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Many Miles Did We Run?

Want to win a pair of tickets to a Real Soccer game? The person who comes closest to guessing the total number of miles our school ran at the Jog-A-Thon will win a pair of tickets to an October Real Soccer game! (Games are Oct 1st and Oct 5th)
Here are a couple of clues:
1. Each track was a tenth of a mile.
2. Each student ran for 20 minutes.
3. Over 800 Students and Faculty participated.
On Facebook, we have had several guesses.  One person is within 10 miles of the correct answer.  Here are the guesses so far:
1519 1470 1450 1621 1704 2000 1481 1550 1902 1823 1875 1536 1795 1645 1583 1973 1885 1685

We will take your guesses until Monday unless someone guesses the exact number before. Each member of your family can make a guess. Good Luck!


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