Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Evening of the Arts Reminder

Evening of the Arts entries are due THIS FRIDAY, March 28.   We would love to have all of our students participate!

Also, please note a TIME CHANGE for the Evening of the Arts talent show.  We will be moving the show to 6:00 pm on April 10th.  We hope everyone can come and support our talented students!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fox 13 Cool School Schedule

This Wednesday, March 26, is an exciting day for Southland!  It's both Grandparents/Special Persons Day from 2:00-3:20 pm and FOX 13 will feature Southland as the Cool School of the week from 5:45 am-8:40am.  It's going to be very early in the morning, so please go to bed early on Tuesday night.  Also remember to wear your Southland Spirit shirt or blue, our school color.
If your student would like to be on TV, our schedule is listed below.  Students are welcome to come to any of the segments.  The PTO will have activities in the Kiva between segments and during segments that do not involve the entire student body. Parents, who are willing to help with crowd control, are also welcome to join.
5:45am Arrive at the school
6:08am 1.5 min segment:
Activity: Welcome to Southland! Students cheering from the stage with Simba, Chinese lions and Chinese dragon interacting with Budah.
Who is included: All Southland Students
6:15am 2.5 min segment:
Activity: Musical performance
Who is included: Students who participated in the musical
6:47am 2.5 min segment:
Activity: 4th grade Chinese Fan Dance
Who is included: Chinese students
7:08am 1.5 min segment:
Activity: Science Club/ Science Fair. Students will be playing with marble rollers and or paper airplanes in the background while Budah interviews students who will be participating in the BYU science fair.
Who is included: All Southland Students
7:23am 2.5 min segment:
Activity: Students will show jump club, chess club and math team.
Who is included: All Southland Students
7:45am 2.5 min segment:
Activity: Musical performance #2
Who is included: Students who participated in the musical
8:08am 1.5 min segment:
Activity: 6th grade students dancing, another group showing students practicing for Presidential Fitness
Who is included: 6th grade students (may open it up to other grades if we need more students participating in the Presidential Fitness demonstration.)
8:27am 2.5 min segment:
Activity: Breakfast program.
Who is included: All Southland Students who would like to buy breakfast (.80 taken from your lunch account.)
8:39am 1.5 min segment:
Activity: Pie eating contest outside by the bike rack.  All students who are at school will be cheering in the background.  To be entered in the drawing for the pie eating contest, come to the earlier segments and write your name on a ticket.  We will choose 12 students to participate in a whipping cream pie eating contest.
Who is included: All Southland students

Monday, March 10, 2014

FOX 13 Cool School


Get to bed early and join us on March 26th at 5:45 am for Southland's turn as the FOX 13 Cool School of the Week!  Big Budah will interview Southland students in nine segments during the morning news.  Wear your spirit shirt or a blue shirt and show your love of Southland. 
We know it's an early morning and are happy to remind you that the lunchroom offers breakfast from 8:10-8:30.  Please take this online survey to help us get a count of how many people we need to be prepared for (for both breakfast and grandparents day.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maturation Information

Our Maturation Programs are around the corner:

Boys March 20th 6:00 in the Gym
Girls April 3rd 6:30 in the Gym

The Boys Maturation night will be held the same night as caucus meetings but the time has been moved to 6;00.  It will be presented by a female nurse.  If you are not available that night or would like to attend at a school with a male presenter, please call one of these schools and let them know you would like to attend their presentation:
Mar. 26, 2:15 - Rose Creek
Mar. 27, 6:00 - Elk Meadows
Apr. 1, 2:00 - Riverside
Apr. 10, 6:30 - Fox Hollow
May 8, 7:00 - Midas Creek