Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Teaching our kids to Say NO to Drugs is an important part a parent’s job. The week of
October 24 Southland will be having RED RIBBON WEEK.

During this week students will receive special reminders about the importance of saying no to drugs. Please ask your children what they did each day. This can start a great conversation at home and open up important communication so they are getting the message to Say No at home and school.

For more information on talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol abuse you can visit websites such as or

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

We are heading into Fall Break Oct. 20-21. Early day is Wednesday, Oct. 19th. The following week, Oct. 24, is Red Ribbon Week. Please ask you child(ren) what they learned to stay DRUG FREE. Also following is a list of what to wear and what we'll be doing to celebrate.


This week, October 24th – 28th, is Red Ribbon Week.  Today, in class, the students learned about how and why Red Ribbon Week was started.  Please talk to your child tonight about what they learned and why they have a red ribbon on their backpack.  Throughout the rest of the week, your child can participate in Red Ribbon Week by having them wear the following each day: 

What to Wear
“Smarties Don’t Do Drugs”
Use your head and say NO to drugs.  Wear a hat to school today.
“I Pledge to Stay Off Drugs”
Wear red to school today and sign a banner during lunch saying you will stay off drugs.
“Keep Your Hands Off Drugs”
Wear crazy socks or mismatched socks today and walk away from drugs!
“Let’s Wipe Out Drugs Together”
Team up with your friends and say NO to drugs.  Wear a sports team shirt today.

Please ask your child what he/she did for Red Ribbon Week each day after school!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Green Ribbon Week

October 3-7 is Southland’s Green Ribbon Week. During this week we promote safety for our students.

Please remind your students of safety precautions they can take when walking to school such as using the safe walking routes, crossing at crosswalks and watching for cars. As your drive to and from the school, please remember to watch out for students.
To celebrate this week we will be having a “Walk to School Day” on Oct. 5. Please join your children in walking safely to school that day.

Lend A Hand

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We are enhancing your child’s education at Southland Elementary through various programs including Green and Red Ribbon weeks, Evening of the Art and Performing Arts Night, Dads and Doughnuts, Science Club, the school musical and more.
In order to accomplish this goal we are changing our annual fundraiser, the Country Fair, slightly. This year we are asking for a voluntary $2 per student donation to go towards the Country Fair baskets. A more detailed letter will be coming home with your students shortly, so please be on the look out for a purple PTO letter.

In the past we have asked for items to go along with a themed basket for each class. This year we are pairing these monetary donations from parents with donations from local businesses to create our silent auction baskets. Our hope is that we will be creating more desirable baskets that will help raise money for the PTO programs, without having to rely on donations solely from parents.
Please make checks payable to “Southland Elementary PTO.” Money is due by October 15, 2011. You will not be asked for donations again in the spring from the PTO for basket items. Your family will be able to come enjoy the fair, games, silent auction and great food.

We are also looking for parents who own their own business and would be willing to donate their services as part of a gift basket, or for crafty parents who make and sell items for an Etsy-type shop. These items must be of good craftsmanship and can be anything from wooden crafts, to aprons or jewelry. If you have a business or business contact that would be open to making additional donations to the fair, please let us know by emailing President Elect Katie Larsen, Thank you in advance for supporting our wonderful programs.