Monday, September 24, 2012

Donations, Donations, We Need Your Donations

We have several great programs running this year that provide easy ways to send the Southland PTO financial donations with things you ALREADY have.


Many of you are aware of this program from year's past. We collect Box Tops for Education off of products you likely already buy. Betty Crocker, General Mills, Progresso, Pillsbury and other products have a 10 cent box top coupon on them, like the one pictured above. Cut them out and send them in! We do several contests throughout the year, so watch for the purple papers coming home to let you know the details. For more info click here.

Campbell's Soup Labels

We can earn lots of equipment for our school when you turn in your soup Labels for Education, on Campbell's products. You can learn more here.

Tyson Labels
Image Rotator Item 1
This year we have a new program called Tyson A+ labels. They are worth 24 cents for each label. Watch for the letter coming home at the end of October. These are on many of Tyson's bagged and boxed, refrigerated or frozen products. More details are here.

Fresh Market
If you shop at any Fresh Market, please save your receipt and either turn it into the customer service desk at the store, or put it in the clear box in the main hall of the school. We earn a percentage of all the sales.

Smith's Fresh Values Card
Please sign up here to link your Smith's Fresh Values card to Southland's account. We earn money every time you use your Fresh Values Card. You must do this each year, so if you did it last year, please do it again. We are planning on sending more info home soon, so watch for the purple papers.

Spirit Night
Chick Fil A has given us two Spirit Nights at their South Jordan store this school year. The first is October 22 from 5-7 p.m. We are celebrating Red Ribbon Week here, by reminding students "Don't be a chicken. Say NO to DRUGS!" We hope you will join us help our school earn 10% of all sales between 5-7 p.m. that night.

As you can see, there are many small ways you can make a big difference for our school. Every little bit helps us provide our clubs and programs to your students. Thank you for your support!


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