Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Country Fair Auction Reveals

We don't want to give away too much, but we do want you to get excited. Excited enough to make a Family Date Night on May 11 and come to the greatest event ever. Ok, well the greatest event of the school week at least.

Here's a peek of a few great baskets we've got comin'.

This is our Gourmet Cooking basket. It comes with a new Cocoa-Latte machine to make foamy hot cocoa or other luscious treats, a cute green and aqua apron from Jillie Willie, "Families on the Go" cookbook, a Taste of Home cookbook, cooking wines and special spices too. There are a few more surprises in there, but you'll have to come to the fair and see.

The University of Utah donated a bunch of great things, and we had a couple other donors, like photographer Russ Isabella, contribute to this basket. There is an amazing picture of gymnast Stephanie McCallister, t-shirts, sports posters, a mini desk lamp and a U of U watch that will have the true Ute Fans in a bidding war!
We'll be throwing a few other tempting baskets your way so please join us on Facebook or follow this blog to get the latest scoop on this year's event.


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